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Founded in  December 2008, PAK HR UPDATES  is the top source for HR related news, View, Jobs, trainings, Internships, seminars,Job fairs  in Pakistan. With more than 50.000  monthly pageviews, PAK HR UPDATES is the most HR dedicated site in Pakistan providing HR Professionals the latest news and updates at single destination and offering social media tools to share them with their fellow  HR Professionals of Pakistan. PAK HR UPDATES’s audience includes HR Professionals, HR trainers,,Job Hunters,HR students,entrepreneurs, influencers, brands and corporations, HR Services marketing companies, HR Outsourcing companies , PR and advertising agencies,HR technology providers. PAK HR UPDATES is also popular with bloggers, Twitter and Facebook users — an increasingly influential demographic.
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Advertise with PAK HR UPDATES
PAK HR UPDATES is the fastest growing blog about HR related activities in the Pakistan. It is unique blog of its nature in Pakistan. The blog is devoted to HR Community of Pakistan.
Averaging over 15000 page views a month, and 500 unique visitors per day with average time spent on the site in excess of 3 minutes, PAK HR UPDATES is the first choice of HR professionals for news and updates about Human Resource related news views and jobs in Pakistan

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Arshad Munir Rana


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Top 50 HR blogs

These blogs touch on a wide range of HR topics.
  1. Know HR: You'll find a great collection of news and HR-focused articles on this site.
  2. Evil HR LadyThis blogger talks about her experience as an HR professional and shares guidance as well as answers readers questions.
  3. The HR CapitalistCheck back with this blog regularly to read posts that are great for the HR professional and those interested in the business side of HR.
  4. HR Marketer BlogThis blog aims to speak to the HR marketplace and touches on topics like PR, social media, recruiting and more.
  5. Human ResourcesHere you'll find a blog that can be a valuable source of basic information on working in human resources.
  6. HRM Business Practices and NotesGet some tips and advice on better human resource management and small business practices on this blog.
  7. HR Daily AdvisorIf you work in HR, you'll appreciate the many articles this blog posts that offer excellent advice on a wide range of topics.
  8. Mr. HR's BlogVisit this blog to find HR news, answers to reader questions, and help from human resources outsourcing and consulting firm OperationsInc.
  9. People Platform HRHelp boost your skills working with people with guidance from this blog.
  10. Punk Rock HRThis blogger proves that HR doesn't have to be bland, taking a different approach to working with employees.
  11. Renegade HRFrom tips on creating HR TV to ideas on being a better leader, this site is a good source of HR information.
Workplace and Organization
Check out these blogs for advice on improving the workplace and organizational structure.
  1. Bob Sutton: Work MattersAuthor of numerous books on improving the workplace and better management, Bob Sutton offers his Professor of Management Science expertise on this blog.
  2. All Things WorkplaceThis blog is home to Steve Roesler, offering numerous ideas to improve team relationships, deal with employees and simply create a more effective workplace.
  3. HR BartenderYou'll find a wide range of workplace issues discussed on this blog.
  4. Authentic OrganizationsWritten by an organizational identity and reputation scholar with a PhD in leadership and organizations, you'll find a lot of insightful and intelligent advice about organizations on this blog.
  5. Flip Chart Fairy TalesThis UK-based blogger offers great news and commentary on the HR and workplace worlds.
  6. Guantum on Organizations 2.0 Want to create a more open and collaborative organization? Then visit this blog with a tech focus to learn how to do so.
  7. Work Happy Now!Career coach Karl Staib offers encouragement and advice on how to create a better workplace on this blog.
  8. Chief Happiness OfficerIs your workplace a miserable place to be? Find out new ways that you can give it a makeover on this blog.
These blogs will teach you about the intersection of technology and human resources.
  1. Michael SpechtThis blog covers topics like technology, human resources, enterprise 2.0, recruitment and more.
  2. VendorpriceyLearn more about technologies that can help you in HR with this blog.
  3. Systematic HRHere you'll find a blog that covers the intersection between HR technology and HR strategy.
  4. DiggingsFind out more about media, advertising, technology and employment from this blog.
  5. I'm So CorporateThis blogger shares ideas on how to use technology to facilitating hiring, recruiting and other HR practices.
  6. The Puzzling World of HR TechnologyDo you find HR technology confusing? This blog can help set you straight.
Leadership and Management
Learn how to be a better leader and manager with help found here.
  1. The Cranky Middle ManagerThis blog realizes that being a manager isn't an easy job and offers help and support to make you more effective and happier doing your job.
  2. Three Star Leadership BlogHere, Wally Bock offers his ideas for being a better leader at any level.
  3. Simply LisaLisa Rosendahl, an HR professional with 15 years of experience, shares her insights on leadership, growth and human resources here.
  4. Strategic Human Capital ManagementThis blog brings together technology, leadership and HR to create an incredibly useful resource for HR professionals.
  5. Great LeadershipOn this blog, Dan McCarthy gives his ideas on leadership development.
  6. Execupundit.comThose at the higher end of management can find ideas on becoming better at their jobs from fellow exec Michael Wade.
  7. Ask a ManagerHave a burning question about management? This blog makes it easy to find answers.
Legal Issues
These blogs will delve into some of the legal issues HR professionals must deal with.
  1. Workplace Prof BlogYou'll find useful posts on workplace law from four law professors and attorneys on this site.
  2. George's Employment BlawgLabor and Employment Lawyer George Lenard shares his expertise on legal matters in the workplace here.
  3. OFCCP Blog SpotExplore the law behind EEO/Affirmative Action through the posts on this blog.
  4. SafetyAtWorkBlogEnsure that your workplace is a safe one by reading this blog regularly.
  5. Today's WorkplaceThis blog focuses on issues of workplace fairness, the knowledge of which could help you avoid costly mistakes.
Recruiting, Hiring and Career
Get tips on improving these aspects of your HR practice through the posts on these blogs.
  1. Rehaul: Lance Haun has years of experience in HR recruiting and social media, making him a great resource for information on how business and people interact.
  2. The Recruiter's LoungeVisit this blog to learn more about the recruiting process and how you can make it more successful.
  3. The Talent BuzzLearn more about hiring forecasts, technology, recruiting and more from this blog.
  4. Six Degrees from DaveCheck out this blog from social media marketing, talent development and recruiting expert Dave Mendoza.
  5. HR MinionThis blog will teach you how to take ownership of your HR career.
  6. Seasonal Human Resources BlogThose working in businesses where there is a lot of seasonal turnover face some special hiring difficulties. Find help with them on this site.
  7. HR TestsThis blog focuses on HR testing so you can find employees that are truly right for the job.
  8. Dr. John Sullivan'sThis blog is a great place to learn about talent management, leadership, marketing and recruitment.
Training and Compensation
Add these blogs to your bookmarks to find out more about paying and training your employees.
  1. Workplace Learning TodayThis blog covers topics related to training and education for the workplace.
  2. Compensation ForceIf your work in HR involves compensation, you'll find this blog to be a particularly interesting read.
  3. Worker's Comp InsiderWhile no one wants to see employees get hurt, the reality is that sometimes it happens. Learn more about the process of worker's comp from this blog.
  4. Training Spotting BlogYou can read up on training practices of all kinds on this blog.
  5. Benefits Link BlogCheck out this blog to read the latest news about employee benefits.

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